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Thursday, September 29th
21.00-22.00   Registration
Friday, September 30th (Registration always open)
08.00             Open Competition Site
08.00-08.30    Training-warm up Classic Slalom Junior
08.30-11.30    Classic Slalom Junior Women  & Men
11.30-12.00    Training-warm up Classic Slalom Senior
12.00-18.00    Classic Slalom Senior Women & Men
18.00-18.15    Training-warm up Pair Slalom
18.15-19.45    Pair Slalom
19.45-20.00    Training-warm up Free Jump
20.00-21.45    Free Jump Women & Men
Saturday, October 1st (Last day for registration)
08.00             Open Competition Site
08.00-08.30    Training-warm up Speed Slalom Junior
08.30-10.30    Speed Slalom Qualification Junior Women & Men
10.30-11.00    Training-warm up Speed Slalom Senior
11.00-14.00    Speed Slalom Qualification Senior Women & Men
14.00-14.15    Training-warm up Speed Slalom J & S
14.15-17.15    Speed Slalom Final Junior & Senior Ladies & Men
17.30-18.00    Training-warm-up Slides
18.45-21.30    Slides Qualification & Final (no consolation final)
Sunday, October 2sd
08.00             Open Competition Site
08.00-08.30    Training-warm up Battle Style Junior
08.30-11.00    Battle Style Junior Women & Men (no consolation final)
11.00-11.30    Training-warm up Battle Style Senior
11.30-12.45    Pre-qualification Men
13.00-18.00    Battle Style Senior Women & Men (no consolation final)

20.30               "SHED PARTY THE SEVEN"
To be confirmed and reorganized according to the registrations.
Disciplines can be moved to another day.

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